Pay it forward

I’ve been making earrings for a while, so long in fact, that I had an overflowing abundance of earrings. So I did what I know best. I gave them to many of my co-workers this past holiday season.

It feels so awesome to have a recipient come up to me, point to her ear, and proclaim β€œI am wearing your earrings.”

I’ve even given them to a guy, who was looking for something special for his mother, and he bluntly told me β€œI am going to claim they are from me.” I smiled and told him that was dandy.

The one that impacted me most was when a co-worker whispered in my ear “If you hadn’t given me these, I wouldn’t have any earrings.” Almost made me cry. Okay, I cried. πŸ˜›

The very fact that most days I can find at least one of my co-workers wearing a pair of my earrings, gives me such a vicarious thrill.

I have had so many people come to me and not only thank me, but also encouraged me to start selling my earrings. With that encouragement, my dreams, and a lot of hard work, I’ve started and I do not want my giving to be negatively impacted.

Therefore, in that spirit, I have an awesome way you can share my joy of giving.

For every five pair of earrings you purchase on, I will provide you with one pair of earrings, for you to pay it forward. No strings except this one, US address only. For now at least. πŸ˜‰

You can even give it to yourself, if that’s your thing.

It doesn’t matter if your purchases are from an earring of the month club subscription, a private commission of 100 custom earrings, or purchases made one at a time, we’ll keep track, and for every five pair of earrings you buy, you get one free pair to give away as you please. If needed, we’ll even help you find a deserving soul.

Your gift includes theΒ Just Dandy Shipping as well.

I have worked a lot of low paying jobs and have had a hard time just paying rent, utilities, and putting food on the table. Nevermind having anything left over to do something nice for myself. I want to change that in my own way, to the best of my best abilities by being able give someone a little something special to help brighten their day, and know that they matter.


– Proprietor

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