About Us

We’re dandy, how are you?

Our philosophy

Always be dandy!

We want to make dandy mean excellence and not be “dated.”

It drives everything we do here at Susie.us

  • Dandy Customer Service
  • Dandy Website
  • Dandy Feedback (see a mistake somewhere? Please let us know)
  • Dandy Store
  • Dandy Pay it forward
  • Dandy Social

Who We Are

Susie, Proprietor


Who am I?

I’m the creative spirit moving Susie.us.

I’ve worked retail for most of my adult life.

Still do.

As a kid I ran the neighborhood candy shop out of my dad and mom’s garage. I did very well 😀

I love that I am going to get to share things I find dandy with you.

We have been very blessed, so blessed that I was able to take up a nice hobby.  With encouragement, I discovered I have a talent for making earrings.  My love for sharing my earrings grew right alongside my confidence.  With that love and confidence, I began to believe that indeed “I should sell my earrings ” as so many people had coaxed.

We finally asked ourselves “How?”

This is our answer, welcome to Susie.us!


What do I find dandy about John?

  • His dandy mind.
  • His dandy spirit.
  • His dandy support.
  • His dandy talent.


Why dandy?

I most likely will respond to “How are you?” with “I’m just dandy!” Many folks are much more inquisitive after that. It is a dandy way to engage with others.


John, Assistant Proprietor

Who am I?

I’m the wrangler of digital knots finding dandy ways to bring Susie’s dream to life.

I have been involved in IT in one capacity or another for 37 years and have always wanted to use my skills for good, er dandiness, and Susie’s dream is a perfect framework to show off our combined and unique talents.


What do I find dandy about Susie?

  • Her dandy spirit.
  • Her dandy heart.
  • Her dandy soul.
  • Her dandy dreams.


Why dandy?

It always felt so right to hear Susie say “Dandy,” and it just fits her.  This is Susie.us, after all.

It's dandy to share...