Be A Tourist in your own Hometown

A while back I signed up for Reddit gifts. The concept is easy. You sign up for an exchange and they match you with someone to send a gift to. They also pair you up with someone to send you a gift (not the same person.) The limit is $20 and you stick to the theme of the exchange.

The exchange I signed up for was a postcard exchange. Easy, they give you the name and address of someone to send a postcard to.

I decided to take it up a notch and send a lot of postcards. After all the limit was $20. So I decided to be a tourist in my hometown.

I did a little research and found places that were touted as tourist spots and picked a few favorites of my own.

Being a Portland Native a few were obvious; Multnomah Falls, the Rose garden, the Zoo. But I also added VooDoo doughnuts, OMSI, and the World Forestry Center, along with Pioneer courthouse square and Vista House.

At each place I bought a postcard, a squished penny, and a pencil or some other touristy nick knack.

I was matched with a lady in a small town in Texas so I sent her a postcard every day for 8 days and at the end I sent her a package with all the tourist things that I had picked up in my travels. I had a great time going places I hadn’t been in years and she had a great time receiving all the spoils from my travels.

We still exchange e-mails and have become great pen pals.

I did this to share my travels with someone that hasn’t been here before, but you don’t have to. Do some research about your hometown and visit some places that you haven’t been to in a while or maybe find somewhere new.

Or, pay it forward and send postcards and touristy finds to an out of town relative. For example my young niece loves to receive mail. Hmmm, I think I need to find a postcard.

Enjoy where you are and have fun!

P.S. My exchange person sent me a postcard that was a picture of Hubby and I that she found on my facebook page. Neat idea that I didn’t know existed (bonus stalker points;-) )

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