Help for a Dandy life

We’ve all had a few days that weren’t so Dandy. Low self-esteem, and days that you feel like “I can’t do anything right”.

What can you do if your day isn’t so dandy.

I had a wise man tell me, When you have a bad thought about yourself, you should treat it like it is a weed. Pull it up and look at the roots. Then throw it away.

That’s not enough though. You need to plant something in its place.

If you have the thought…Ugh, I can’t do that. Pull that thought weed up, look at the roots (what is causing this self doubt) and plant the seed of “I can do this”!

Pull up enough weeds, plant more positive thoughts and watch your “garden” of self confidence grow.

What a nice way to make your life more Dandy!

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